you should really not joke about mikey way and drug use. it's not funny

it is quite funny 

Here is a photograph of The REAL Gerard Way for those who question me when I tell you that “gerard way of my chemical romance” is an imposter.

Here is a photograph of The REAL Gerard Way for those who question me when I tell you that “gerard way of my chemical romance” is an imposter.


fake your own death more like mikey needs money for meth



what the actual fuck


what the actual fuck


the greatest hits album was actually an idea by mickey way so he could have more money to feed his newborn girlfriend


Mcrconspiracytheory: mikey way is lame

mcrconspiracytheories can confirm this. 

Mikey Way is using DRUGS!! AGAIN

My Chemical Romance’s Mikey Way has not only been unable to keep his rumoured rash infested penis away from the vaginas of 19 year old girls, but in the process has picked up old habits. That’s right folks, he’s using drugs again!!  

If you’re an avid reader of ONTD you may have seen comments from user la_ri_sah about how the band had actually split up months ago because ‘Gerard’ ( HA! IS IT REALLY GERARD???) refused to record any more for the next album, but what they also spoke about was Mikey Way’s strange behaviour! The comments have since been deleted but someone has summarised them, “The OP also talked about how Mikey was shaking and acting kind of strange when he picked up his glasses from the shop she works at

There is only so much investigating I had to do on this matter to have confirmed to me that the ‘shaking and acting kind of strange’ Mikey was doing is down to drug use. According to various sources Mikey has been using drugs again for a while. A source got back to me and said, “everyone is worried about Mikey but he’s too busy having family breakfast with Sarah’s family and shooting up heroin. He doesn’t think he’s got a problem”.

Mikey was also interviewed listing his drug use.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. This band are corrupt to the very core and while they may have broken up, I still feel it is my duty and honour to bring the truth about their sick ways to light for all to see!

Gosh darn it, you people have been fooled for too long.  Mikey Way and his band are all silly doodooheads that must be stopped and called out for their lies. 


on this day in 1933 the enabling act was passed so hitler could become a dictator, 70 years later mcr break up. this is not a coincidence.



MCR are the most annoying band they are the biggest bunch of hypocritical poops like “don’t post pix of my kids I want privacy” while proceeding to post pictures of your not even 1 year olds apparent wedgie cause that is apparently ok and “we don’t do the groupie thing” while having sex with a groupie and don’t get me started on gerard being a pretentious asshole. I hope they don’t release a new album they shouldn’t have released danger days because it is evident that they (gerard primarily) don’t enjoy it any more and the black parade was their peak and its all downhill from here as they will continue to put out less than adequate music until they eventually fade out to irrelevance and they’re just an embarrassing Middle Aged band clutching onto the thread of their musical glory days like the stones 

I wasn’t gonna comment on this but I will anyway because this is just… no.

I disagree with your opinion and clearly you’ve got some facts wrong.

  • Frank was upset because he had framed pictures of Lilly and Cherry on stage with him and people with photo passes took pictures of the pictures and put them on the internet. Frank is ALLOWED TO POST PICTURES OF HIS KIDS [and he’s not even showing their faces, come on]. But he didn’t like people posting pictures they didn’t have permission to post. That is a completely different story.
  • We don’t know if Sarah is a groupie. I agree it seems that way, but we don’t know the details of what happened with Mikey and Sarah and Alicia. But that doesn’t mean the rest of the band are sleeping with groupies [and I’ve never read any stories of them picking fans from shows and sleeping with them because they can, so… no, you’re wrong].
  • You say Gerard is a pretentious asshole as if you’ve met Gerard. I have read plenty of recaps of fans meeting Gerard and there are far more stories of him being a sweetheart than anything else. If you’re respectful he’s respectful back. And even if he was a pretentious asshole, I don’t understand how that relates to the band needing to stop making music.
  • I know fans who think Danger Days is their best album who have been fans for a long time. And I personally love Danger Days just as much as the rest of their albums. Just because you don’t enjoy it, you’re assuming everyone else doesn’t. The band said it was their favorite album yet.
  • There has been plenty of proof that the band is enjoying themselves and I don’t understand how you would know. You’re talking as if it’s the most obvious thing in the world [which it clearly isn’t]. They said playing Reading was the best moment of their career, which happened during Danger Days. If anything, they weren’t enjoying themselves during Black Parade.
  • Has it ever crossed your mind that you may end up enjoying the next album more than Danger Days? I mean, come on. You didn’t like one album and now the band needs to stop making music. Surely you understand how ridiculous that sounds.

Laughing at this person 

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